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We do not currently offer vegan, sugar-free, dairy-free, egg-free or gluten-free baked goods.

UPDATE FOR WARMER/SUMMER MONTHS: during warmer weather we limit or in some cases omit the option for certain styles of cake. This includes any type of cake design on either a full sheet or half sheet cake board - such as number or letter cakes. This is due to our extremely limited cold storage space for cakes with large bases. Thank you for your understanding!


The prices below are the base custom prices for a 4-5” tall cake with buttercream frosting and minimum custom details such as sprinkles, colors, etc. Additional charges are dependent on overall cake design, premium fillings, custom toppers, fondant work, etc.

Any custom cake design, regardless of servings, will have a $100 order minimum. The prices listed below are the base custom cost. The smallest single tier cake available for customization is 6".  Flavors and fillings are HERE.


4" Round - serves 4-6  *not available for individual purchase, only for tiered cake options

5" Round - serves 6-8 *not available for individual purchase, only for tiered cake options

6” Round – serves 9-12 - $100+

7" Round - serves 12-16 - $120+

8” Round – serves 20-24 - $145+

9" Round - serves 24-32 - $190+

10” Round – serves 28-38 - $220+

11" Round - serve 30-46 - $250+ 

12” Round – serves 40-56 - $310+


NOTE REGARDING SMASH CAKES: Smash cakes ordered individually apply to the $100 order minimum. We understand in most instances this is not the most ideal cost for a small cake that is more about tradition. Clients who are ordering a custom cake can add a separate smash cake on to their order for an additional cost that will be dependent on size and design.


NOTE REGARDING SCULPTED CAKES: Pricing for 3D/sculpted cakes, such as handbag cakes, regardless of servings, start at a minimum of $300. Additional charges will apply depending on the extensive labor required to create. Please contact us to discuss the details and for a quote.


Cake Tasting Boxes 

Tasting boxes are the perfect way for couples to try different cake and filling combos for your upcoming event in the comfort of your own home! Boxes are available for a fee for large custom cake orders ($400 and up) only and are not available for individual purchase. Please inquire while discussing your custom cake order.

Simply Celebration Cakes

Our 6” Simply Celebration Cakes are $75 and serve 10-12. They can be ordered in as little as 3 days lead time (subject to availability). 

Choose vanilla or chocolate buttercream and let us know if you have one additional color you prefer. Cake flavors and fillings available are listed below. No further customization is available for these.

Need a cake topper and/or a candle? Let us know! Standard toppers start at $5 and a pack of 6 candles is available for an additional $5.


Celebration Cake Flavors:

Red Velvet
White Velvet
Pink Velvet

Celebration Cake Fillings:
Vanilla Buttercream
Chocolate Buttercream
Strawberry Jam
Raspberry Jam

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